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Hans Zell backlist titles 1989-1998

Hans Zell Publishers was an imprint of Bowker-Saur/Reed Reference Publishing from 1989 until 1998. During this period a substantial number of both reference works and monographs in the African studies field were published, as well as books in some other disciplines. While the majority of them have been declared as out-of-print, and rights have reverted to the authors, we still hold very limited stocks (in most cases just two or three copies) of a number of titles which, if ordered direct from us, can be supplied at a 50% discount off the original list prices listed, plus postage costs (airmail outside the UK). The minimum order value, after discount, is £25.00/$50.00. (Alternatively books can be supplied at full list price and in which case no minimum order value applies.)

If books are ordered through vendors they will be supplied at the full list price, less vendor discount (plus postage), and no further discount will be allowed.

All books are casebound and show the original list prices (as at 1998). Deduct 50% discount if ordered direct from us. Subject to stocks lasting.

Baker, Philip International Directory of African Studies Research 3rd ed.
1994  344 pp. ISBN 1-873836-36-8 £95.00/$180.00

Collins, Robert O. The Waters of the Nile: An Annotated Bibliography
1991  343 pp. ISBN 0-905450-84-1 £65.00/$110.00

Dalby, David South-East Asia: A Guide to Reference Material
1993  320 pp. ISBN 1-873836-00-7 £58.00/$110.00

Driver, Dorothy, et al, Nadine Gordimer: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources, 1937-1992
1993  360 pp. ISBN 1-873836-26-0 £48.00/$75.00

French, Tom The SCOLMA Directory of Libraries and Special Collections on Africa in the United Kingdom and in Europe 5th ed.
1993  366 pp. ISBN 0-905450-89-2 £55.00/$85.00

Gorman, G.E. & Mills, J.J. Guide to Current Indexing and Abstracting Services in the Third World
1992  278 pp. ISBN 0-905450-85-X £50.00/$85.00

Irele, Abiola African Education and Identity
1992 448 pp. ISBN 0-905450-81-7 £60.00/$100.00

Kelly, Bernice & Stanley, Janet L. Nigerian Artists: A Who’s Who and Bibliography 
1993  608 pp. (with 8 pp. of col. pl.) ISBN 1-905450-82-5 £95.00/$175.00

Lems-Dworkin, Carol African Music: A Pan-African Annotated Bibliography
1991  400 pp. ISBN 0-905450-91-4 £55.00/$96.00

McIlwaine, John Maps and Mapping of Africa: A Resource Guide
1997  418 pp. ISBN 0-85255-569-5 £60.00/$100.00  

McIlwaine, John Writings on African Archives
1996  297 pp. ISBN 0-85255-568-7 £55.00/$75.00

Price, Helen C. & Hewson, Colin Theses on Africa, 1976-1988. Accepted by the Universities in the United Kingdom and Ireland
1993  350 pp. ISBN 1-873836-35-X £60.00/$95.00

Rupesinghe, Kumar, et al Ethnic Conflict and Human Rights in Sri Lanka: An Annotated Bibliography, vol. 2, 1989-1992
1989  313 pp. ISBN 0-905450-80-5 £57.00/$85.00

Scheven, Yvette Bibliographies for African Studies 1987-1993
1994  198 pp. ISBN 1-873836-51-1 £42.00/$70.00

Schmidt, Nancy Sub-Saharan African Films and Filmmakers: An Annotated Bibliography, 1987-1992 
1994  418 pp. ISBN 1-873836-21-X £48.00/$80.00

Sicherman, Carol Ngugi wa Thiongo’o: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources, 1957-1987
1989  270 pp.  ISBN 0-905450-71-X £44.00/$70.00

Taussig, Louis Resource Guide to Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa, vol. 1, East and West Africa
1994  408 pp. ISBN 1-873836-45-7 £75.00/$125.00

Taussig, Louis Resource Guide to Travel in Sub-Saharan Africa, vol. 2, Central and Southern Africa
1997  468 pp. ISBN 1-873836-50-3 £75.00/$125.00

Walsh, Gretchen The Media in Africa and Africa in the Media: An Annotated Bibliography
1996  319 pp. £55.00/$100.00 ISBN 0-85255-566-0

Vernau, Judi An Index to Index on Censorship, no. 1 (1972) to no. 100 (1988)
1989  336 pp. ISBN 0-905450-21-3 £55.00/$85.00

Zell, Hans M. African Books in Print/Livres Africains Disponibles 5th ed. 2 vols
2000  2,250 pp. ISBN 1-873836-11-2 £450.00/$380.00 two volume set

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