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Searching Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa:
A Critical Bibliography

You can search or browse all sections of Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Bibliography individually. There is also an option to search the entire database for authors, specific book titles, articles, reports, surveys, Internet documents and online resources, or names - for example names of serial titles such as African book trade journals, or names of organizations, associations, etc. - from the main database search page. 

1. To browse entire sections select the 'Browse' link in the search box at the beginning of each section. To search within that section either enter keywords and submit 'View Records' within the form at the foot of the page; or to perform an advanced search select the 'Search' link at the foot of the page and any of the subsequent results pages. 

When conducting a search within an individual section, the search results will only show results from that particular section, and sub-sections.

To perform a search throughout each section go to the main database 'Search' page, enter your search terms and select the section to search; by using the back button and reselecting a different section it is possible to search every section for the same term. Note: if you follow through to subsequent pages you will need to use the back button in your browser until you reach the search form again. Alternatively you can search for Author or Title Entry only using the search entire database option. When searching for names of organizations, associations, journals, book and serial titles, conference proceedings, etc. select "ALL FIELDS" as your search field. 

However, as searches of the entire database for "ALL SECTIONS" will only generate results for the main fields in each entry (i.e. details similar as that contained in the index of the print edition), searches under individual sections may be generally more successful. 

2. As noted in the introduction, Section 3-Country studies is devoted to books, articles, and papers in edited collections that are primarily country-specific, and cover general overviews and perspectives of the book industries - and book development generally - in particular African countries. This includes national book sector studies, articles and documents on national book policies, biographical and autobiographical accounts of members of the book professions, interviews with publishers, profiles of individual companies and imprints, and obituaries or tributes to personalities in publishing in different African countries. However, it is important to note that most articles on special topics or areas of the book trade, e.g. bookselling, publishing for children, publishing in African languages, copyright, journal publishing, marketing, scholarly publishing, digital media, etc. are classified and listed under Section 4-Studies by topic, rather than under the section on country studies. You can conduct an online search of the entire database for any books, articles, and other documents on particular African countries, although in many cases it might well be more expedient to consult the subject and geographical index in the print edition.

3. As in searches on the Web, you can search the different databases using different options, and finding results with all of the words, with the exact phrase, or with any of the words. 
Note: when phrase searching, do not use double quotation marks (" ") around phrases, i.e. to search for words exactly in the order submitted, as this method is not supported by the search facility. Click the 'Exact Phrase' option instead.

4. Choose your keywords carefully for the different sections, and put the most important keywords first in the search string. While using a single keyword can bring up best results in some sections, in others ticking the 'Exact Phrase' option might be best if you are searching for a particular name or document. Use 'Exact Phrase' to limit searches when looking for names of particular authors, organizations, associations, and precise names of serial or book titles.

5. The search facilities are not case-sensitive. Keywords and phrases can be typed in lower case and the search will find both lower case and upper case results. 

6. When searching for authors of books, articles, or papers in edited collections, searches by the surname only (either typed in lower case or in Upper and lower case) will find all entries, but will also display cross-references as part of the search results. However, for author searches by surname only, it is usually prudent to tick the 'Match Whole Words' box in the Search Options.

For example searches for 'chakava' or 'Chakava' will find all entries containing this name, either as author or editor. However, if 'Chakava, Henry' is typed in, you will need to use a Boolean Search to limit or expand your results. 

For example:
"Exact phrase" will return records for only 'Chakava, Henry';
"and" will return all records containing 'Chakava' and 'Henry' within the same field;
while "or" will return all records for 'Chakava' and 'Henry' within any field.

You can further limit your searches by selecting a field to search in the "Search Fields" list in the advanced search form. 

7. Use an * asterisk sign as a substitute 'keyword' or wild card to show all records.

8. References to individual names or sources cited in the Preface, the Introduction, the Introductory Essay, and in the introductory paragraphs that precede individual sections, will not pick up in searches as this text is not part of the database.



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