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Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa:
A Critical Bibliography

Last updated: 20/10/2014

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Preface to the new edition
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Important announcement to all our current subscribers 

We are pleased to announce that the Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa online database will shortly be moving to a new host institution in Africa, Kwara State University Library in Nigeria. Read the full press release here.

The new hosts will be moving the database to a more dynamic digital platform, by which the existing database will be exported from the current solution, thereafter normalized and structured by a software development organization, before finally being imported into a Drupal based open access/open source content management platform. This migration - which will lead to a huge enhancement of the database in terms of its functionality and utility - will take place sometime during the course of 2015. More details will be announced when the new database is launched.

In the meantime, and pending its migration to the new host institution in Nigeria, the database has now become freely accessible without the need of a user ID and password, and without the need to register.

The last update to the database, including the addition of a substantial number of new records, took place in October 2014 (see below). However, there will be no further updates until the relaunch of the database by the new hosts.


About the online database – October 2014 updates and additions 

With the latest updates and additions posted in October 2014, the database has continued to grow and currently contains 3,062 records. Select blog postings, as well as video recordings and radio/TV broadcasts are now also included on a regular basis. Additionally, frequent updates are made to listings of organizations and African book professional associations, and agencies, networks, book charities, etc. supporting the book and information sector in Africa.

Theses and dissertations archived in institutional repositories are included provided full text (not merely abstracts) is accessible online.

Most of the new material listed continues to be in English, but there are also select citations of new literature in French on publishing and the book world in the francophone nations of Africa.

New and Addenda entries

Items marked NEW cover select new material published since January 2008, not included in the print edition. These supplementary records appear in the appropriate sections in alphabetical order by author, but it should be noted that entry numbers are not in sequence; new or addenda items commenced with entry 2,518-, i.e. a continuation of the consecutive numbering of items which ends with entry 2,517 in the print edition. Entries marked ADDENDA are for books, articles, reports, or Internet documents published up to the end of 2007, but which were not listed in the print edition as they did not previously come to our attention.

Other updates

In addition to including a wide range of entirely new entries, updates also include changes in URLs, email addresses, contact information for organizations and associations, etc., as well as corrections of any inaccuracies that have been brought to our attention. "Last updated" dates are shown in any section where information has changed or has been updated. To report any inaccuracies, corrections, dead links, changes in contact information for organizations or associations, or other updates, please email the publisher at

Limitations of the current database

The limitations of the current database and its software – which, among other restrictions, does not allow for automatic renumbering – are now unfortunately becoming more and more apparent. The present arrangement of constantly adding a substantial number of entirely new (numbered) records is getting increasingly unwieldy, quite apart from creating a rather cluttered interface. Additionally, for authors of records where there are already one or more ‘NEW’ insertions, further new records may now sort marginally out-of-order alphabetically here and there. However, following the migration of the database to its new hosting institution in Nigeria (see also announcement above), it will be moved to a more dynamic and more sophisticated digital platform, which will result in a significant improvement of its functionality and utility.

Cross-referencing policies

We continue to include more copious cross-referencing for the online version, although we should remind users of the database what we stated in the Introduction to the print edition (p.xx): namely that, as a general rule of thumb, most articles on particular topics or areas of the book trade, e.g. bookselling, publishing for children, publishing in African languages, copyright, marketing, scholarly publishing, etc. are classified under topic (but were indexed both by topic and by country or region in the print edition). For example, an article on scholarly/academic book publishing in Kenya will appear in the section ‘Scholarly publishing (General)’; a study on publishing for children in Ghana will appear under ‘Children’s book publishing’; or an examination of young people’s reading habits in South Africa will appear under ‘Reading culture and reading promotion’, rather than country headings. 

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First edition 1984, published as Publishing and Book Development in Africa: A Bibliography/
L'édition et le développement du livre en Afrique: une bibliographie
(Paris: UNESCO, "Studies on
Books and Reading", no. 15)

Second edition 1996, published as Publishing and Book Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: An
Annotated Bibliography

Third edition 2008, published as Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical

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Zell, Hans M.
Publishing, books and reading in Sub-Saharan Africa: a critical bibliography. - New ed.
1. Publishers and publishing - Africa, Sub-Saharan - Bibliography
2. Book industries and trade - Africa, Sub-Saharan - Bibliography
I. Title II. Zell, Hans M. Publishing and book development in Sub-Saharan Africa
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