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Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa:
A Critical Bibliography


2nd completely revised and expanded edition*

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The most complete documentation resource 
and database on the book sector in Africa, 
currently containing over 3,000 fully annotated records 

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Publishing, Books & Reading in
Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Bibliography


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Important announcement to all our current subscribers 

We are pleased to announce that the Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa online database will shortly be moving to a new host institution in Africa, Kwara State University Library in Nigeria. Read the full press release here.

The new hosts will be moving the database to a more dynamic digital platform, by which the existing database will be exported from the current solution, thereafter normalized and structured by a software development organization, before finally being imported into a Drupal based open access/open source content management platform. This migration - which will lead to a huge enhancement of the database in terms of its functionality and utility - will take place sometime during the course of 2015. More details will be announced when the new database is launched.

In the meantime, and pending its migration to the new host institution in Nigeria, the database has now become freely accessible without the need of a user ID and password, and without the need to register.

Click here to access the database

The last update to the database, including the addition of a substantial number of new records, took place in October 2014. However, there will be no further updates until the relaunch of the database by the new hosts.

  • This much acclaimed reference resource charts the growth of publishing and book development in the countries of Africa south of the Sahara, as well as containing a very large number of entries on many other topics as they relate to books and reading in Africa, including digital media and electronic publishing.

  • The 762-paged print edition is now available at a special discount of 50% off the original list price, but must be ordered direct from us in order to qualify for the discount.

  • The online version and continually updated database, currently containing over 3,000 records, was available separately as a stand-alone product, but subscriptions are no longer accepted. See announcement in box above.

  • To provide maximum currency the online version continues to be frequently updated and expanded with numerous new entries – all with abstracts, or critically annotated – of books, articles, studies, reports, and Internet documents that have been published since the cut-off date of the 2008 print edition, thus offering a continuing resource in the field, and now making it the most comprehensive database on the state of the book sector in Africa. Select blog postings, as well as video recordings and radio/TV broadcasts are now also included on a regular basis. Additionally, frequent updates are made to the extensive listings of organizations and African book professional associations, as well as agencies, networks, NGO’s, and book charities supporting the book and information sector in Africa.

* previous edition published as Publishing and Book Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Annotated Bibliography (London: Hans Zell Publishers, An imprint of Bowker-Saur, 1996)

Edited by Hans M. Zell With an introductory essay by Henry Chakava 
762 pp. 234x156mm cased ISBN-13: 978-0-9541029-5-1 

Print edition published October 2008 

Print edition only: £130.00/€195.00/$260.00,
now offered at a discount of 50% (i.e. £65.00/€97.50/$130.00 net), but must be ordered direct from us to qualify for the discount. Purchase at the discounted price does not include access to the online database. 

Online database:
Now freely accessible.

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About the authors


Hans Zell has been author, editor, and publisher on African topics for over four decades. He has published several reference resources on Africa, African literature and African studies. He was twice the winner of the Conover-Porter Award, presented biennially by the Africana Librarians Council of the (US) African Studies Association for "the most outstanding achievement and excellence in Africana bibliography or reference work". He is the founding editor of the quarterly African Book Publishing Record, which he edited from 1975 to 2002. 

Henry Chakava, who contributes a substantial introductory essay, is Chairman of East African Educational Publishers in Nairobi. He is widely recognized as one of the continent's most innovative and enterprising publishers, and has amassed a wealth of experience during a lifetime devoted to strengthening the indigenous book industries in Africa. He is one of the most prolific authors of articles and studies on many aspects of the state of the book in Africa, and has been the recipient of several awards and honours.


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