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The online versions of the articles below are freely accessible as pdf files. These articles, and a further number of earlier papers, are now also freely available at https://independent.academia.edu/HansZell.

“Book Donation Programmes for Africa: Time for a Reappraisal?
Two Perspectives.” African Research & Documentation. Journal of SCOLMA - the UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa no. 127 (2015): forthcoming
Pre-print online version (freely accessible)

Part I:  Book Donation Programmes in English-speaking Africa, by Hans M. Zell

Note: the pre-print version of the second part of this wide-ranging investigation into book donation programmes in Africa
Part II: Le don de livre, mais à quel prix, et en échange de quoi? Un regard sur le don de livre en Afrique francophone, by Raphaël Thierry (in French, with abstract in English), can be found at

“How Many Books are Published in Africa? The Need for More Reliable Statistics.” The African Book Publishing Record 39, no. 4 (2013): 397-406.
Pre-print online version (freely accessible)

 “Oxford University Press in Postcolonial Africa: A Review Essay.” African Research & DocumentationJournal of SCOLMA - the UK Libraries and Archives Group on Africa no. 121 (2013): 69-75.
Also in The African Book Publishing Record 39, no. 4 (2013): 410-413.
Pre-print online version (freely accessible)
This is a book review essay of Creating Postcolonial Literature. African Writers and British Publishers by Caroline Davis (Basingstoke: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2013).

“Print vs Electronic, and the ‘Digital Revolution’ in Africa.” (Preview online version published 04 January 2013. Last updated and expanded 28 January 2013. To be updated in 2014.)
http://www.hanszell.co.uk/print_vs_online.pdf  and at 
(freely accessible)
Also published in The African Book Publishing Record 39, 1 (2013): 1-19.

http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/abpr-2013-39-issue-1/abpr-2013-0001/abpr-2013-0001.xml?format=INT (subscription-based or pay-per-view)

"Publishing in Africa: Where Are We Now? Part One: Some Spurious Claims Debunked."
Logos. Forum of the World Book Community 19, no. 4 (2008): 187-195.
Online http://www.hanszell.co.uk/articles/LOGOS_19.4_final2.pdf 

"Publishing in Africa: Where Are We Now? Part Two: Accomplishments and Failures."
Logos. Forum of the World Publishing Community 20, nos. 1-4 (2009): 79-90.  [published in 2010, as part of combined vol. 20, issue 1-4, now published by Brill]
Online http://www.hanszell.co.uk/articles/LOGOS_20.1_final_06Apr09.pdf  

"Reviewing Reviews-A Publisher's Perspective." African Research & Documentation no. 104 (2007): 9-13.

"Using Google Scholar for African Studies Research." Africana Libraries Newsletter no. 118 (May 2006) 
Online only http://www.indiana.edu/~libsalc/african/googlescholar.html 

"The Perilous Business of Reference Publishing in African Studies." In: Africanist Librarianship in an Era of Change, edited by Victoria K. Evalds and David Henige. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2005, 199-226.

"Digital Media and African Publishing." The Book & the Computer (Online Symposium: Book Culture at the Crossroads) November 12, 2003. 
Online only http://www.honco.net/os/index_0310.html Page no longer accessible

"The Rise and Rise of Journal Subscription Prices in African Studies." Africana Libraries Newsletter no. 111 (June/September 2003): 7-9.
Online http://www.indiana.edu/~libsalc/african/aln/no111.pdf  

"The Internet, E-commerce, and Africa's Book Professions." Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter, no. 28 (November 2001): 10-15. 
Online http://www.bellagiopublishingnetwork.com/newsletter28/zell.htm  [html]
or http://www.bellagiopublishingnetwork.com/newsletter28/bpnn28.pdf  [pdf]

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Reference resources:

Publishing, Books & Reading in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Bibliography 
New fully revised and expanded edition
Edited by Hans M. Zell 
With an introductory essay by Henry Chakava
Lochcarron, Scotland: Hans Zell Publishing, 2008. Print and online 
762 pp. 978-0-9541029-5-1 234x156mm cased


The African Studies Companion: A Guide to Information Sources 
4th rev. and expanded ed. 
Edited by Hans M. Zell
Lochcarron, Scotland: Hans Zell Publishing, 2006. Print and online 
864 pp. ISBN 0-9541029-2-4 ISBN-13 978-0-9541029-2-0 234x156mm cased 


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Training manuals and handbooks:

Book Marketing & Promotion: A Handbook of Good Practice
by Hans M. Zell
Oxford: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), 2001. 
(distributed by African Books Collective Ltd.)
384 pp. ISBN 0-9522989-9-6 210×297mm pap.

This title is out-of-print. Subject to stocks lasting, a very small number of copies are still available direct from the author hanszell@hanszell.co.uk at £45.00/€60.00/$75.00 per copy, postage/airmail postage inclusive. Prepayment is required. Not available through vendors.

"Hans Zell has created what might become the marketing Bible for publishers in developing countries … This guide is a must-read for anybody wanting to increase their general know-how about book marketing, and for any agent, distributor or other publishing partner wishing to build relationships with publishers of the developing parts of the world. … It provides a reliable reference, abundant resources and serves as a tool of on-going learning and inspiration." 
Publishing Research Quarterly 

"… an invaluable companion … a very useful instruction handbook full of generous advice, practical hints and tips for almost every marketing situation, especially in the developing world. Recommended for every publishing library." 
Logos. The Journal of the World Book Community

"If there is one book that should be in the hands of every African publisher and bookseller this is it ...
Buy it." 
PABA Newsletter (Pan African Booksellers Association)

"… a treasure trove of practical tips and advice."
Africana Libraries Newsletter (Africana Librarians Council of the ASA)

"… fills a gap in book marketing literature … a must for all beginners, and it is an excellent overview of the current state in marketing academic books in developing countries."
Mediaforum (Catholic Media Council)

"Mr Zell's how-to-do-it manual is very comprehensive and detailed … Seventeen information-packed chapters set out different types of marketing methods, techniques and approaches. Each chapter provides guidelines for good practice. Particularly useful are documentation samples commonly used in the book trade: query forms, order forms, checklists, and many more."
PEGBoard. Professional Editors' Group Newsletter (South Africa)

A Handbook of Good Practice in Journal Publishing 
2nd rev. ed.
by Hans M. Zell
London: International African Institute/Oxford: African Books Collective Ltd., 1998.
248 pp. ISBN 0-85302-085-X 210×297mm pap.

This title is out-of-print. Subject to stocks lasting, a very small number of copies are still available direct from the author hanszell@hanszell.co.uk at £38.00/€49.00/$62.00 per copy, postage/airmail postage inclusive. Prepayment is required. Not available through vendors.

"Provides an invaluable guide to good practice in journal publishing, which will be useful to editors and publishers not only in Africa, but anywhere in the world ... of great practical help to anyone involved in small-scale publishing." 
Information Development

"...a comprehensive guide on how to get started, get connected and remain afloat in publishing scholarly periodicals and literary/cultural magazines ... the book is highly recommended for those interested in or involved in publishing journals in the developing world."
Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter

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